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News person: “If there were two women, would you want to run against Hilary?” Imagine a world with two women. Wow. What would that be like? Ya know every time Draco thinks about it Draco thinks that there might be more than two women… But since there was absolutely no context about politics or anything like that the news person clearly meant there was only one woman. That woman’s name is Hilary. If that is you, congratulations. You shouldn’t hang out with that newsman though for he is an idiot.

Side note: If you are going to use a clip of you interviewing someone  as an advertisement perhaps give some context. Maybe say two women candidates instead of two women? Even if it is obvious, picking a random line from an interview makes you seem stupid. Also there happens to be many women. The above was Draco making fun of you newsman and your not great commercials. Also those who said there were dangers to explaining jokes never met Draco. look at this paragraph. It is shining like a light bulb that just found buried treasure. you may now proceed to be jealous of this paragraph.

So Draco is well into Assassin’s Creed II. That did improve a lot and Italian just sounds cool and actually pronounceable. Sorry Middle East but Draco has trouble with your words. Actually Dracoblag has no readers living in the middle east apparently. We just got one from Canada though. Go Canada! Anyway the problem with Assassin’s Creed II. Jumping. Draco just doesn’t like jumping. Games where you have to jump from ledge to ledge. Those are just annoying. The only difficulty comes from the controls being bad and sending you the wrong way. Sure they all have some jumping but there tends to be multiple ways to do it or you can just ignore it. This is the reason Draco hated Epic Mickey. They promised drawing and Draco got jumping instead. Jumping a fun game does not make. Luckily Assassin’s Creed II is old and they already fixed in it III.