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How I Met Your Mother ended last night and some people are sad. Draco was sad too. Draco was slightly distraught. Spoiler Alert {They kill the mother off}. Draco went through much sadness and much disgusted over the show following it. But you see, Draco is smart. Draco is smart beyond belief. Draco’s insight kicked into high gear while surrounded by sadness and realized the actual truth that actually happened. You see the Mother is not actually dead. The entire show was just Ted’s extremely drawn out erotic fantasy! Ya you’re confused right? Well you should be. You haven’t read the paragraph where Draco explains this yet.

Episode Double Date:  Marshal views fantasies as cheating so he creates elaborate stories where Lily dies of terminal illness and he must mourn her for the appropriate time before being instructed to go get with the attractive delivery girl. Now the story. The mother dies of a very tragic hiccup disease or so such and he loved her very much though that time. After much mourning Ted decides to ell in his children about  how he met their mother because Ted is a weirdo who enjoys telling stories even in his fantasies apparently. This is finished by a person(his daughter) telling Ted to go call Robin and “plow her like a corn field”. Except instead of that it is him being “romantic” because he is once again Ted. So anyway the entire series was him justifying a fantasy about Robin. This theory also explains the Bob Saget thing. That is how Ted wishes his voice was like. It also explains why he didn’t die when his taxi got hit by the car that was going straight towards him with only minor injuries. In a fantasy you can sound how you want and not die when hit directly by a speeding car. Anyway, ya it is just a fantasy. The Mother, Tracy, is alive and far better for Ted than Robin.