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After posting the Truth about the How I Met You Mother Finale here, A sudden influx of people occured. A large amount of them care from the Russian Federation. Today it was from the UK though. So the Big Four: the USA, the UK, Poland, and Russia. Also that one from Chile means we have 6 out of 7 continents!!!!!!!!! Woooooo. Thank you Where Molly Kan Be Herself for securing Dracoblag most of the world. You have unleashed much terror which everyone is very super magic happy about. Also from the book and reading list on their about page they deserve many many readers. Also thank you countries for loving Draco. Draco loves you too assorted countries.

Draco had to draw a bear for Draco’s newest story but Draco did not want to draw a bear. This is the compromise.


Ya that is fantastic.