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Oprah Prime

Oprah has some new thing called Oprah Prime.  This, this is self-explanatory. Gaze upon this image and experience feelings, k?

Draco saw a book called 50 shades of kale… Whoever published something like that needs their publishing license revoked. A line of stupid has been crossed by this book and the line cannot be repaired to an amazing Oprah picture is used in Dracoblag. Oh that happened already? You are welcome.

A news show mentioned a special new show that would take people into the secret world of actual spies doing their actual job. As spies. Doing secret things. As spies. This is a show that people may watch. Now aside from the fact that broadcasting whatever spies are doing would be bad for spying, once this show is out it isn’t a secret world of spies. Public Knowledge spies is more like it. You cannot have a secret reality show on Tv that people watch… Common sense is cool and you news people should get it.