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The Xfinity Watchathon thing is great. Draco really loves it and it actually does make people want to get the premium channels. We should applaud its caliber of advertising. Draco watched both Da Vinci’s Demons and Black Sails. Both are really great shows and if you are of age to watch them you should. They are both fun and full of action. They even have some historical accuracy. Draco loves when something actually makes history fun. Out of the two Draco prefers Da Vinci’s Demons because of the humor. The music on Black Sails though is just the best. This is a close race and you should give both a shot.

Remember that historical accuracy Draco was talking about?  Where do you think Draco learned this history from? A history class? A history book? Neither! Every single history class Draco has taken has for no apparent reason felt like skipping all these interesting time periods to discuss the industrial revolution and people toiling in factories because that is so much more important than the guy who invented helicopters, sniper rifles, and submarines. Also Pirates were pretty cool. If it were not for Assassin’s Creed, Draco’s own research, History channel and the like, Draco would know nothing of these time periods. also why the hate on the Ottoman empire? It didn’t fall until around 1929! That is adequately recent. Far more recent than the American Civil War yet you hear about that. this was a huge empire and now it is gone. That old cliché saying “If you don’t learn from history you are doomed to repeat it” means that maybe we should talk about why they aren’t together anymore and how we can not end up like them. According to school history Leonardo was at first a small child and then a 90-year-old man who painted three paintings and then died. There were two pirates according to school history. Blackbeard and Captain Hook. Captain Hook was not real but was defeated by Peter Pan and you can visit his grave in Ohio. Blackbeard is still alive as a giant ghost monster. His beard is made of Krakens. According to reality none of that is true. Watching this two premium channel shows Draco noticed many facts and fictions but none of those were noticed because of what Draco learned in school. Maybe some history classes are good but Draco never had them so that is sad. Shape up education system. You need to be ship-shape or we will tie you to a mast and the crew will kick you repeatedly. Ya that plank thing hardly ever happened. You were expecting it but no.