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Draco watched Cloud Atlas. Or did Cloud Atlas watch Draco? Or Did Draco direct Cloud Atlas? Or Did Draco not watch Cloud Atlas? The answer is simple really. It is the first one. Seriously did you think it would be any of those other ones…? Gosh. Anyway it was really good. It was like watching every movie ever made all at the same time. The gigantic cast of three or four actors was marvelous in their 9843 roles. If you have not watched it you probably should. If you have watched it and are annoyed with Draco for not watching it earlier, you are probably a jerk and should shut up. Draco’ll watch it when Draco will watch it. Draco still hasn’t seen Frozen even though Draco wants to. Winter is Draco’s favorite season.

As Draco entered the library Draco inadvertently entered a duel that would decide the fate of the world. The red-headed antagonist moved her hand like “what?” So Draco quickly countered with and arm move plus head bobble “what!?”. The young fool attempted a double arm “what!!?” but stumbled slightly, giving Draco the opportunity to unleash an ace from a nearby dimensional hole. the “cool guy with sun glasses touches his sunglasses and lowers them slightly to intensely stare while leaves are blowing in the wind” attack hit the poor girl directly in the face and her hit points were reduced to zero. This is how Draco won the respect of all the local hooligans and united the entire city against the crooked sheriff. Some might say that this is the story of Draco taking someone’s body language wrong and using a glare to send her stumbling into a bush, but those lives that were saved will still have been saved. That is all that really matters.

So Draco is writing more stories and realized half way through that the characters are going far away from the cool places and basically towards the sticks. Draco did a lot of world building and none of the cool places are being gone to. Draco was discouraged at first but then found out about Alice and Bob. Common names used in cryptography. Then Draco discovered more. One name in particular solved all of Draco’s problems. Mallory. If your name is Mallory, good job. But in Cryptography Mallory is a malicious attacker who is capable of changing messages and directions. With the character of Mallory now in Draco’s story Draco can send everyone in the opposite direction without actually having to work at it. So thank you Mallory and anyone named Mallory out there. Draco loves and respects you for having that name. Draco would like you to have cake. Even if you’re on a diet or something just have cake. Draco gives you permission to have cake because you deserve it. please though just take a quick run through this obstacle course and do not cut Draco’s head off.

Side note: That was a Portal and Marie Antoinette reference. This is for the person who got confused but at least got one. If you got neither then Draco questions how you are able to read this blog. You are only getting half the picture and it is unfair for you be deprived of such sweet reference nectar. Draco wishes you hugs and cake upon completing the obstacle course and not decapitating anyone.