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So in an unrelated event that we are not going to even talk about at all this quote happened.

“Kirsten Dunst is not paid to write gender theory so it shouldn’t surprise anyone that she’s kind of dumb about it,” Jezebel writer Erin Gloria

Now let us not discuss the issue in that quote at all. Let us instead discuss how This person thinks if you aren’t paid to write about something you do not know about it. This is just so wrong.  Quickly reader, think of everything you know. Now which of those things are you paid to write about.Then let us look at people who are paid to write about things. How often are they just talking out of their… faces? The actual word that goes in that common phrase can’t be spoken out of and we are sticking with the facts today. Anyone Jezebel is pretty notorious for being wrong and they get paid. being paid does not mean you have an idea what you are talking about. Actually if you are getting paid you may write what your patron wants and instead of facts. Draco has this one friend who writes a lot about gender theory and she gets paid to do other things. Actually Draco has two friends that write about gender theory. Why does Draco have so many? also the other one doesn’t get paid at all. How she isn’t homeless is a mystery. Both are well-educated on the subject though and neither feel the need to devalue the opinion of former famous people.

Space space space space space space space space! Spaceeeeeee! Spaaaaaace! Sid Meier it taking Civilization to space! Wooooo! Space!  Draco.is so space excited to play this new space civilization space game in space space. Draco will try to make space friends with all the space civs but they will be space mean and space hate Draco. So Draco will retaliate with space nukes. Armies will be shattered. Worlds will burn. Now at last, on this world, vengeance shall be Draco’s. For Draco is the King of Pointy Sticks. Ok Kerrigan did that speech better but she had a hive mind full of co-writers and Draco did this alone. Let’s see Kerrigan write something without an infinite number of zerg helping. Also spellcheck thinks Kerrigan is Hankering. That has nothing to do with anything but that is slightly funny so it warrants mentioning.

Judy Greer is great. Draco really pulls for her. She has been in many many things and some of those things were not that great; Judy Greer is great in most of those poorly made movies or Tv shows though. But Now Judy Greer has decided to write a book about her really kinda weird body of work.  This just made Draco kind of sad. Why can’t she get some big role? Or at least be on something that does well. Being a supporting character is fine if you are supporting someone on a successful show. She does a good job but everything she is in turns to mud. reading the book would probably just make Draco more sad. She is the best actress in the worst movies/Tv shows. Well worst in say making money. Some of them were good but no one watched them. Bad Luck Judy or something like that. Poor her.