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Draco was watching some court show and the plaintiff was angry with a man who planted a tree decades ago and it finally reached over he house. She decided to murder the tree and wanted the man to pay for the people who did the cutting. Now Draco is going to bring actual genuine law information to your faces. You cannot own all of the sky. Sure you get some otherwise you’d have a flat house. If you owned all of it though airplanes would have to avoid trespassing and that would be horrible. Airports would have to be on the coast and we’d all be Vikings(possibly untrue). Anyway at a certain point you no longer own the sky and in the part you do you can’t cut on their section. Anyway Draco just wanted to get that out there that you do not own the sky.

Draco had a team project. It is a team of four and only one other person actually did anything. So Draco had to delay publishing this till Draco had done the rest. After turning in the rest one of the people decides they wanted to do it, late at night, on the due date, and whined to the instructor. She said she wasn’t blaming anyone and that she was not upset at all. She was not upset about other people doing her work better than she ever could. That’s nice. She should blame Draco though so since Draco did all her work.  This is why teams can be stupid. This project was the work of one person and two people could have done it easily. But thinking others would do it and then having to rush is not conducive to Draco’s happiness. Draco could have done it all but was stalled by the idiocy of relying on the lazy…

Draco has found a variety of books that have been rereleased with new content. This new content is always two additional chapters. This seems to just be a ripoff. These chapters seem to add little. One example was the author imagining what the world would be like if everyone listened to him. He said it was great but if you read closely it was pretty fascist. Also he outlawed hugs. So the moral of this paragraph that Draco is abruptly ending and may come back to later if someone reminds Draco is, If you are going to write a book, write it right. If you have more stuff to write, write another book.