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Draco read the story of young Wadsworth. He attempted to be villainous but Draco saw only badness. Not even the good type of badness. Badness as in poor character. This was an actual story and he was a bad character. As in Not good. Why do these words have to mean two different things. He was a villain done poorly. Ok? He was Wadsworthless. Draco wrote that on the review. Ya know what happens immediately after in chapter two? Wadsworth dies. Draco has defeated the not very evil Wadsworth. That means Draco has gained even more power. Possible over that number. You know that number. You may not know that number. It is a Dragonball reference though. Ask a friend.

Draco has been readily delayed by the annoyance of having to drag a team of adult humans though the world of a class. If Draco is ever not posting for a while Draco has a solution. Curse these teammates under your breath because they are so annoying. They are ruining your lovely Draco time so it is totally ok to hate them. Draco will try to keep a regular schedule but they are awful so don’t count on it. Sorry. Draco hearts you all.