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Before Draco watched Haruhi, there was two movies. now there is one. Is Draco’s life loosely following the plot of the first? Did somehow someone alter the past so no second movie was made? Is that possibly possible? Well of course it isn’t but is it? Maybe just maybe it is. Oh well. Now Draco is forced to actually watch Haruhi-Chan so that is nice. Draco watched the movie though the other day and boy was it really good. Every movie that comes from a show should take note of it.

Draco is really getting pushed around by this one stupid team. Everything on the schedule is getting pushed back. Really annoyed over here. Teamwork is just annoying most of the time. Teamwork is a dice roll. Sometimes you get 6/20 depending on the die and sometimes you get 1/0.

Check this out. http://designthroughstorytelling.net/periodic/ . This is the most amazing poster that Draco has ever seen. A periodic table that Draco already knows most of. ❤ . Draco is typing this and wondering if it’ll be a heart emoticon of just a 3 and less than sign. regardless that poster is sooooooo amazing. Draco enjoys it very much and hopes that you do too! 😮