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Draco had some thing about a cobbler to write about. The shoe making person not the desert. That is all Draco knows. It was really great. However Draco has no idea what it actually was. What could it have possibly been? How did it make sense at the time? Why is Draco asking you? Who cares, what could it have been?

Draco finished Haruhi-chan. That empty feeling of emptiness has crept in. Why must things ever finish? Though if it didn’t the quality would drop. Nothing can last forever. Not even five-minute Tv shows.

Draco’s amazing prison. The Dracolag(like gulag) is going really well. If you haven’t noticed Draco has had a pattern in games lately so now Draco is playing prison architect. Due to Draco’s overly cautious nature Draco is flying all the colors. There was only one riot and that was from the prisoners trapping themselves in the shower. They killed a dog… Luckily the game froze once Draco gave permission to kill on sight. Shotgun diplomacy yo.

Assassin’s Creed Tv Show Image Shown on Stock Market channel while talking about Halo Tv Show possibly. It was early, 8 am-ish, but for a brief second Draco saw a white murder-hooded figure looking awesome and a woman said something about 10 video game related shows just like the halo one coming out. Draco has found no other mention of it but maybe, just maybe, real. Don’t get too excited though. It may have just been some other hooded assassin franchise.