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So Draco was on twitter and found a tweet that was pretty annoying. To summarize it, If a White Person tells a joke, they should be persecuted. Only Asian people Can tell jokes. This was racist on two fronts. It annoyed Draco greatly. Then they left with “leaving before reverse racism replies”. Sorry lady none of you readers can see, you were not being “reverse racist” so get back here. You were being racist. In fact your desire to persecute makes you similar to a certain guy with a stupid mustache. The difference being that One was able to resurrect a country, inspire said country, and basically invent hair dye. The other is too stupid to get out of her chair and actually do something other than tweet. Not to defend the guy with the stupid mustache at all. This is to say that this twitter person is actually worse than said mustache if you ignore mustache actually followed through with it. If you take that into account ya he is way worse. Mentally though he was better than you. Anyway he was also pretty racist saying that only Asian people can tell jokes. Draco knows many funny people from a variety of races. Some of them are in fact Asian. Some of them are not Asian. None of them are people like you, you expletive. So to summarize, don’t be a racist expletive on twitter.

Just as Draco mentioned Prison Architect it was updated. They did something that completely ruins Draco’s strategy and adds a new one. So the rule is if 21 people die you end up going to your own prison. you can then serve your time(stupid idea) or escape. Now escaping from the best prison ever created, the Dracolag, seems pretty cool.  This creates a dilemma though. Draco wants a super secure prison but one that can easily be escaped from. Sadly the best path to escape from is where all the armed guards are. Then once outside you meet two more armed guards, a regular guard, and a dog handler. The escape would have to be timed in between their patrols. There is a window but it is a small one. Once they get tasers though escape through that exit will be impossible. That leaves the exports room exit. Sure you have to go past every single guard post but if you stay to the side you could conceivably escape. Also this path is more open during the night and is opened by builders instead of guards. Builders cannot tase you. Luckily the artificial intelligence is unintelligent. If they could think like Draco they’d all be out.

So anyone remember that running gag with the whale in Newfoundland and how Draco never explained what was so horrific about it. Several Whales have washed up on Newfoundland shores and CNN says that they may explode if not taken care of. Ya. Explode. Most likely with some sort of preying mantis-like alien that turns people into zombie egg sacs. XCOM was fun but hopefully it is never even remotely real. Speaking of games that shouldn’t be real Draco would like to make it clear that Draco would not like to build and then escape from a prison. That doesn’t sound fun in real life.