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So Draco was going to start by complaining about this really awful blog but really it isn’t worth it. they were really offensive but with the word “shitty in their name they probably wanted to seem like that. So Draco will instead talk about the recast of Daario on Game of Thrones. There was this weird theory that Daario in the show is Benjen Stark. This would somehow justify the recast. If this were the case all they did was cast a character three times. Draco isn’t sure how this makes the one recast of Daario better. They compared it to Mr Selmy going to help Dany out but there is a small problem with that. So Benjen has disappeared before Dany has Dragons or any real power. Benjen was also beyond the wall. The likelihood of finding a ship beyond the wall is not high. Maybe he walked through the sea? No he did not. So unless the two continents are actually connected at the top and Ben found a way across there wouldn’t be a path. There would be no physical way he could possibly get across the sea. Now there is a much more likely culprit who could explain every face change. Jaqen H’ghar. Or any faceless man really. Someone mentioned that they both have a gold tooth. Maybe that is his trademark.  Anyway Jaqen could have easily got a ship from the populated and navigable south and eventually got to Dany. This is possible. There is the minor problem though that if this is true there is really a 50% chance that she is her target and he is pulling some long con. That would count as another of her three required betrayals and would likely lead to Jaquen being killed. That would be sad. So ya that is a theory.

Draco tried one of those random character generators. First it spit out that the character was an archer. This is perfectly fine up until the next part. The second result is “busty female”. Sure girls can be archers but this archer would have problems. Maybe she could wear something but since that is her identifiable trait it was to be visible meaning every arrow shot is a double-edged sword. The bow-string would cause quite a bit of damage to her most likely. So this wasn’t going well. Next was hair color but that has no weight on the story. Next Draco got mermaid as a species. So she is a “Busty Female Archer Mermaid” now. All other problems are now blown completely out of the water. An underwater archer just doesn’t work. The bow would be ruined and the arrow would quickly sink. Also since mermaids always wear tiny shells, seaweed, or nothing at all so the earlier problem is now back. If she uses the bow a lot she might bleed and some shark would eat her. This was not an effective character but it was a nice little thing to blog about. Good job Generator thing.

Draco got to call someone a pervert today. This reminded Draco of those girls in anime who call people pervert as their go to insult. It then lead Draco to think about Tsundere. The thought of Tsundere Draco made Draco want to Draw like a little Draco with Twintails but then that requires doing something. Draco doesn’t feel like that right now. Though Draco is writing a pretty long blog post today. The nice thing about this is when you love what you do it doesn’t feel like work. So Dracoblag isn’t work. It also does not pay. So really get it out of your head that this is even remotely work. It shares none of the characteristics of work.  Not that Draco enjoys doing this. Draco just happened to be in front of a computer and felt maybe someone should write something. *blushes*