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Steven Hawking has said that ai is a mistake. People now apparently care. Almost every movie with ai said ai is a mistake. Hardly anyone cared.  Hopefully Steven Hawking gets on to telling everyone not to resurrect dinosaurs. Then he should say don’t use self destruct buttons, never make an immortal evil anything, don’t make animals smarter than people, avoid destroying the sun, do not make a sun or portable black hole on the planet you are currently on, and if there is a zombie outbreak do radiate the entire area so the entire rest of the planet can survive. Or we could listen to movies and not be complete idiots a few decades earlier. We should know this stuff.

So Orphan Black Added a new clone today. She was killed off a minute or so later. That isn’t important. She was a teacher. Not just any teacher though. She taught at the hs Draco went to… They randomly mentioned Draco’s random not that great hs on a show made in Canada for the British. It is so cool. She would have been one of Draco’s teachers had Orphan Black been real life. That is just amazing. Draco is basically part of the story now. An extremely extraneous barely canon part of the story.