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Well. Well. Honestly. Spam people Draco can not possibly even comprehend how completely and utterly idiotic you are. No one wants to read 60 paragraphs about fluoride just to get redirected to your spam website. Shouldn’t you try and trick people into clicking with cool and tempting deals? Would you buy a product if it had a 6 hour commercial explaining every single detail about it?

Draco was at one point an adequate fan of Tv by the Numbers. The information seemed nice. But then that bear showed up and it just got sullied. So they have this “Cancellation Bear” that they do all their posts for if a show is getting cancelled or not on. It was funny at first but then the bear would just berate people for having hope.  Sure it is nice to say with certainty that there is no hope but you should be nice about it. Instead of saying “excuses excuses” you could say “hey, these are the facts, this is what I’m guessing. Nothing is set in stone so maybe just maybe it’ll happen. It probably won’t though.” That combined with them just taking the data and sometimes articles of other people makes them less fanworthy. You can be mean or you can be lazy. Being mean and lazy is unacceptable.

On a side note this draft has been around for a while and now finally it is published. Like most things it has not gotten better with age. While it is rather stale the messages still need to get out there.