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Well today sure constitutes that of a bad day. NBC you have kicked Draco in the kidneys several times. Ironically at the moment of writing kicked in the kidneys Draco’s kidneys actually started hurting. They’re better now but Draco’ll never understand why that happens. Anyway, good job breaking 50% of the support beams you had left. It’s understandable you’d want to lash out since CBS and ABC have managed to make you the low network on the totem pole. Just stop making decisions please. You don’t know how to do it. Draco doesn’t build rockets because Draco doesn’t know how to build a rocket that won’t explode. Though most people have this problem. Isn’t it the motto of NASA that “When dealing with rocketry, always expect that it will blow up”? Anyway the point is NBC is stupid and you should watch some of the wonderful shows available on ABC and CBS. Also if you have access to those power turning out nanobots, a crossbow, psionic ability esper powers, a giant Lego lion, Or a meteor, get Revenge on those NBC villains. It is on Sundays on ABC. Great show you’ll love it maybe.

After complaining about Spam, Spam has increased by 300%. Or you could just say 3 times more spam. That sounds better. Spam people/robots please go away. Possibly to somewhere with lots of lava/ fire and no land to stand on safely.

Draco doesn’t have much to write about this last topic but it really should be noted. The US Armies newest advertising tactic is saying that most of the Army helps people rather than killing them. Note that this is the Army. The Army is advertising that they are peaceful and non-violent. Ya… Well the rest of the people who advertise blatantly lie so why not the army too?