A car slows down by the road. Draco notes they are opening their doors and goes to investigate. They release a small child into the middle of the road and shout go get it. The child runs across the busy road where people tend to go 60 mph( actual limit 25) and steals a flower. These people stopped and forced their child to steal a flower from Draconian lands… A flower. What the hell? Are people insane? Are they so immoral that they feel a need to steal flowers? Really!

With the release of that” Bam’s Badass Gameshow” or whatever it is Draco has become incredibly sad. There is now a genre for stupid and it has a large audience. Everyone who lives in this time period should feel slightly ashamed for allowing that to happen. Sure most of us had nothing to do with it but maybe if we had worked together we could have stopped these horrible events from coming to pass. They’ve taken bits of old shows like fear factor which was a show where people put their faces into a bucket of tarantulas and they somehow made it less classy. Anyway it’s so pathetic. It’s not funny it is just garbage. Sure some of you might be thinking “Draco, you don’t get to decide what is and isn’t funny. Some people will always differ in opinion and they may find that show hilarious.” and you are right. It’s just those who find it funny have wrong opinions. You see everyone is allowed to have opinions but a good amount of them may be/ are wrong in every thinkable way. So if you’re one of those people who think that show is funny, Draco thinks you’re wrong, you think Draco’s wrong, and you can go cry about it and move on.