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Draco has a cold. Draco shouldn’t have to think of words right now. Who are you to demand such words? Oh you didn’t demand words. Draco can’t hear you through the internet? Well maybe this cold is bad. That was a joke don’t send an ambulance or something. Draco was only pretending to hear you through the internet. Anywho Draco knows exactly who did it but they are a great person so Draco isn’t that upset.

As a little joke commercial Wolfenstein said they changed their game to a game where you could pick who won WWII and play in that world. The actual game just has Germany winning. Draco is highly disappointed the joke game isn’t real. How cool would that be if you could pick which country won instead of being force fed a German Victory. Sure letting Germany win once might be cool but maybe Draco wants to let Japan win the next one and watch all the schools enforce Sailor Suit Uniforms because from the commercial it looked like they were going the stereotype route and that would totally happen. Then Draco would go with Sweden, followed by Switzerland, Poland, Ireland, and somehow magically the Ottoman empire even though they already fell by that point. They’ll magically reunite and kick everyone in the face. Anyway a game where you could change who did what in history sounds cooler then one where you just go around shooting Nazi’s in view  dystopian scenery.