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Once again Draco has gone through the action of advertising to a class. What they have not realized is that this sentence is the trigger for the mind control device that was subtly implanted in their brains through Draco’s stories.

Draco just finished Puella Magi Madoka Magica. So it’s time for Draco to go on a spoiler filled rant about what she did completely wrong. The adorable wish granting fox Kyubey repeatedly asked the main character Madoka if she would use the one wish (which could grant anything at all.) to become the God of that world. He even states one time that this would make her more powerful than the wish granting adorable creature meaning she could just wish for that and blatantly ignore her end of the contract. She could grant her own wishes including the one she ultimately makes plus a million more. Sure it’s fine not all characters are as smart as Draco but when you have someone in story repeatedly telling you to do it you have no excuse. I’m glad they went with a non-happy-happy-joy-joy mentality but the characters need common sense.

Draco has a friend who bought the ear of a cow. Let that sink it for a bit. Not an entire cow, not a steak, an ear. The solitary ear of a cow. There can only be two possible justifications for this purpose. Actually three. She might feed it to an animal, could be one of those creepy food eaters, or She is a witch. She is clearly a witch. The other two explanations are silly. Now that we’ve approached the logical solution there is the question of what to do with this information. There is ignoring it. That seems like a great choice. The other option is to ask her where to buy a flying broomstick and then ask for lessons. This seems like the choice that Draco will ultimately choose.