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It feels wrong to reference Frozen having not watched Frozen yet. That was probably bad right? Then there is that other title where it sounded really communist but it was just a list of NBC former shows. The titles aren’t going great lately. Sure they’re fantastic but they could be more fantastic.

Speaking of communist, Draco was at the store and all the mannequins were dressed like Soviet Spies. perhaps the Soviet Union is secretly alive within the mannequin industry. Wouldn’t that be crazy! Ahahahaha! There are no soviet spies now holding Draco prisoner! That isn’t happening! humor! Ahahahahaha! On a side note Draco needs more new windows.

Draco got Draco’s hands on a surface. So far Draco’s rating would be a completely awful and the Wii U game pad functions better as a laptop then it. Though Draco has found the initial fatal error and we will see how it works after 66 updates. Most of the features were disabled because the date and time were wrong… So now Draco’ll update and find a Google chrome app which will fix most if not all problems. On this related Note, Abstergo. Microsoft is Abstergo. If you don’t know Abstergo is the Antagonistic(and sometimes villainous but that’s arguable.) group that spawned from the Knights Templar in Assassin’s Creed. Look at the Bing logo and how Draco has transformed it. Admittedly Draco had a wee bit of trouble since the puppet warp tool broke half way through but it is still pretty good. Compare the two. See the reality of this dire situation. What was the person at Microsoft who did this thinking? Maybe Apple will become Hydra.Abstergo bing