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So Draco spent the week nursing his little doggy back to health. There was one of those eye-dropper thingies and everything. How adorable is that? Very adorable right? Right? Anyway she was sick but she is getting better so yay.

Draco got Adobe Premiere finally! Without having to resort to creative clouds or eBay ripoffs Draco has secured one of the few discs copies. Now Draco is video editing with style. Only the best Video programs can bear witness to the beauty of Draco’s extremely short animations that Draco spent maybe 15 minutes on.

So Blackbeard show actually happened. He doesn’t have a black beard. That is really all to say. He doesn’t have the beard. Anyone who knows how it all ended for Ole’ Ed knows he did not get old. Spoiler alert because he died.

Draco asked a friend a question on that ask fm thing and they responded with “This sounds like Brittany”… That confusing part is that on another anonymous thing someone else said Draco sounded like Brittany. Who is this Brittany? Why do they sound like Draco? What is this madness?