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Draco had a writing prompt that asked Draco to write about a person who lost something and use the 5 senses. For some reason Draco felt the need to rebel against this prompt and wrote about a person who lost their head and therefore didn’t have any senses. Why did Draco want to do that? There is a deeper meaning here. A meaning so obvious that no one really cares enough to look deeper. It is like a kiddie pool in the dark.

Draco’s been photoshoping things lately. Sometimes it is just putting two images next to each other and saying “hey. These are the same.” but sometimes it requires actual work.  The first arose a while ago on a Yogscast video where Sjin mentioned that the masked man Rythian resembled Kakashi from Naruto. They laughed about that episode where everyone was trying to see under Kakashi’s mask and they were imagining he had giant lips. So Draco made a Rythian with big lips. The hair was sadly very difficult.Rythian big lips

Then Draco saw this advertisement that Draco’s friend shared on Facebook. The hands. They were doing something that Draco recognized. Something that looked like “I would kill for you and if you don’t want me to kill for you I’ll kill you.”.

Yuno plus advertisment
 Ya it was Yuno from Mirai Nikki/Future Diary. They aren’t exactly the same but you can see the similarities.  Draco is having a good bit of fun with this. Anyway Draco owns none of the original pictures and this is clearly parody so ya.