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Draco has come to the end of one story and the start of another. This is truly the most difficult part of the process. What is next? What will happen? Draco tried concept arting to get an idea and while trying to make a random character Draco got this pretty horrific monster. The thing on his shoulder is part of his face which can be put on and off for seemingly no reason. As a fan of reality Draco wants to know why that happens. Maybe, both sides come off and the sides are like a elements shield so if it is windy or a sandstorm they would close it. Maybe it is like a fear tactic? Who knows.

Draco read this article that said aliens aren’t coming to Earth because they have also invented the internet and are far to busy watching cat videos and playing World of Warcraft to actually use their super cool spaceships to stop and say hi. Draco finds this theory nice but maintains his own theory about the subject. What? Draco hasn’t told you this theory yet? Well take a seat kids because this one is a doozy. Well no it isn’t and you aren’t kids most likely. That bit was stupid. Ya know what, you get 10 points free just for reading that. Good job. Now on the matter of this theory, they think we are jerks. Ya. They probably saw like the holy war or the holocaust and were just thinking to themselves “these people do not seem nice, let us leave”.

Most of the above post was written a few days ago. On the 5th of June in the year 2014 Draco lost a member of Draco’s family. She was/is/ and will always be the cutest little dog to ever grace this planet with her little pawsteps. The Vet said there was nothing they could do but Draco doubts that. They could have responded to the numerous phone calls or actually checked her out instead of laughing her off when she came there earlier. They also could have not revived her when they realized there was no way to help her and that she would just die again in a few minutes  then have her put down thereby making her die twice. That was an option. Draco doesn’t really feel like posting but she deserves to be talked about. Draco still sees her sitting on the couch. She still sits there by the bed at night when Draco is blatantly ignoring sleep and watching YouTube videos. She still runs around in insane little circles whenever Draco walks in the door or has food or she thinks Draco has food. Draco can still feel her breathing. A week ago Draco was getting her to drink out of a little eye dropper. While it was sad it was adorable. Draco will miss her for all days but Draco is strong and should be chipper again in the very near future. Draco will only take a moment to cry a bit. Draco would love to say her name but it happens to be a part of most of Draco’s passes along with many other letters and numbers with additional symbols so don’t even try please. Draco’ll post a picture soon maybe. Anyway Draco’s little doggie is feeling better now, maybe in a field chasing cats down and eating things in the sky. If you’ve had a death recently Draco sends his heart out to you. Rest in peace you wonderful dog.

On that note, why is it rest in peace? Why not rest in bliss? Rest in eternal joy? What is with that? Draco wants the best for those who have passed. Rest in a blanket of kindness and joy surrounded by those who love you. That is what it should be.