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Draco has finally after all the months and all the harassment from all the adults seen Frozen. Some say it is over-hyped but ya know what? It is hyped the exact amount it should be because it was that good. It was beautiful with a nice story and some actually realistic characters. Not only that but somehow it made Draco actually ok with them singing every couple minutes. Usually Draco hates things like that. And Draco did want to say ya it is overhyped but really it is genuinely that good. The only real problem was why was there no guards. Guards seem to get left out in movies and shows like this. There was some guards but not nearly enough for such a trading powerhouse. This really didn’t matter when the movie started going because it was that adorable. Draco highly recommends that you see it since it is just a great movie and people will laugh in your face if you don’t.

Draco saw a commercial for a product. This product costs you the consumer 20 of your american dollars or however many foreign moneys that is. The product that would warrant such a price you ask? It is fabric that you put into water and then wear. If any of you every think you should buy it Draco has a recommendation that is do not buy it. Fabric is cheap and there is water in the ocean. Have fun saving money.

Assassin’s Creed 5 is trailered! Woo. Draco was super excited and then some Negative Nelly came in saying it should have been a female assassin instead of the same old male assassin and there should be more present day story line. Draco was not happy about this. This made Draco need to refute both of their points of the internet via Draco’s Dracoblag.

A Female Assassin: The location they are going with is France. There has been one Female Assassin. The Female Assassin was FRENCH. She was also African-American. Draco wonders if this complainer also wanted that. What the naysayer was suggesting for her non-rehashed assassin was an assassin they have already done. Very original knot. Perhaps you’d like to suggest an Italian Assassin next or maybe a Welsh Pirate. Sure more female Assassins would be great but just wait a bit. There is another game coming out soon. Maybe they can do all the mobile games with female assassins. But this is the past and based on how people were back then the chances of a female becoming an assassin were significantly less and if they used more females that moment were the assassin gets their hat handed to them would lead to more than just imprisonment and they really don’t need to get into that yet. They had enough hell from the first one.

More Present Day Story line:Well you’ve done a nice little job missing the entire point of Assassin’s Creed. It’s about being some cool assassin in the past. If you’d like Assassin’s Creed in the present play Watch_Dogs. That is literally all that game is. But the real thing is you have not played the game. You watched the trailer. If you watch every trailer they have made it is focused on the cool assassin in the past. They never have any of the present day stuff. The game could be 90% present day. You have absolutely no idea. This is just how they trailer.

To summarize, shut up.