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Draco watched About Time. Well it was about time Draco did that, right? Ahahahah puns. Anyway sad happy movie right there. For those who don’t know it’s about time travel and it’s adorable. Draco once again envies the movie characters who can do cool things like time travel. If Draco could time travel not only would Draco successfully charm the cute girl but Draco would make all of your lives so much better. Ya know illnesses that don’t have cures? Draco’d have spent several lifetimes trying to find a cure till Draco succeeded. Global warming? Fixed it last Tuesday in fact. Only took 5 lifetimes. Walpurgisnacht only took three tries to destroy. Community was never canceled and Dan Harmon stayed the entire time. We all have free electricity and Mars has been successfully colonized after destroying that moon that seems livable but will eventually crash into Mars so we don’t want to live there. Also coffee and chocolate are now cheaper. Well we sure got off track there didn’t we? So About Time is just a wonderful love story and if you like love and stories you should see it.

Draco played Tomodachi life. It is like the Sims got worse and then because they knew they were horrible they drank so much. Sadly it is actually a nice thing because what Nintendo was doing with Miis was abysmal and this is better than that.  At least this doesn’t have so many expansion packs and outdated everything that makes playing the full game near impossible. This was supposed to be all about Tomodachi but dang this makes Draco want to Sim out. At least the sims has equality and more meaningful interaction. So to summarize if you want to actually do something with your Miis pick Tomodachi life and if you want to play a fun game that executes the idea better play the Sims but only install a few expansions. The full Sims is too good for a computer to handle.