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Owlssassin IIThe age-old problem of having great blog ideas but then waiting and completely forgetting about them has befallen Draco. Draco remembered one topic and then tragedy struck. One of Draco’s favorite YouTube people Hannah of the Yogscast made the post first hitting every single point Draco had in her initial post and a response shortly after. Now Draco can just go and make the same post. Dracoblag is an original blog. If Draco had another point or a different thing to say even slightly it would be fine but this post is exactly what Draco planned to write this morning. Curse you Hannah and also thank you for saving Draco from all that writing.

While Draco was putting off a second post about female assassins Draco decided to pick Skyrim back up. First Draco continued the tale of Draco the mighty hero who loved bread and shot rude people in the knee and ran away. It turns out his tale was done so Draco started a new character. Draco was like let’s try not to be fantasy racist this time and pick something other than an Imperial. Let Draco tell you that Draco can definitively say all the other races in the Elder Scrolls are pretty lame. This is why they are locked behind a paywall in ESO. They are so good you can’t just have anyone playing them. Their abilities are a privilege that must be payed for. Anyway, the tale of Dracala shall be one of something or other.Either way Draco shall get Serana asap and hide behind her super cool vampire meatshield the entire game. Yay!

And it’s getting late so this post is going out tomorrow. Hello future people! How are you? Can you tell Past Draco the lottery numbers? Future Draco’ll love you for it.— Future Draco here. Guess what? This idiot waited all afternoon to post this. Thank goodness Future Draco is in charge now.— Future Future Draco thought a picture would be nice so he added it after posting.