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War. Some have described it as hell. A necessary evil in order to protect society. Those who view it positively are arms dealers and people who really really want oil/ have realized that war can be used as a political tool to gain wealth and distract the citizenry from larger problems. Either was it isn’t a good thing for any of us, Draco and readers of Dracoblag. It isn’t good for us at all. Does it have to be bad though? What if we replaced all this bloodshed with adorable chibi anime girls!? Would that make it better? So Draco picked up War of the Human Tanks with the amazing Summer Steam Sale Thingy Mark II. The concept is described in that over dramatic couple sentences above. You command a legion of the cutest little anime girl death machines you ever did see against other tiny little anime girls. The gameplay is basically turn based strategy but it is also real time strategy as well. That is something Draco has not seen before. The story is a little played out but with such adorable characters does it even really need a story? Many Tv shows with great stories have been canceled after a year while the Puppy Bowl returns every year without commotion. Pick up War of the Human tanks today or you’ll have to pay more for it. In fact you only have about 4 hours. Get on it.

Draco has seen things some people born today would not believe. It used to be that when you bought something it might have an instruction manual to tell you how to use it. Lately that isn’t a thing. Lately they just include a piece of paper saying “hey this might cause a seizure”. Why is that how society works now? Draco would like some instruction manuals with actual instructions. Especially these newfangled electronics. Draco got a surface and apparently the year was set to the 1900’s so all of the features stopped working and it refused to update or anything. If there had maybe been a manual just like they had in the 1900’s maybe Draco could have fixed it sooner.