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Draco was doing the good work of volunteering when Draco stumbled upon a book. It was called Vader’s Little Princess. Draco has read many adorable books but this was just great. The story is basically Darth Vader doing his evil Empire thing while also being a father and raising Leia from adorable little girl to teenager in rebellion. Much of the content is what one would expect from this type of story but it is Star Wars so that makes it fresh and original. Draco’s initial reaction was “AwwwgouuuuuAwwwiiyiyiyiiyyfwuwuwuwlwlwuwuwgeeeeee” because it was just that cute. Real words were not enough. Just fantastic job to the author Jeffrey Brown who apparently did another version focusing more on Luke. Ya know the original Star Wars was great but if they did a movie of this it would be pretty good too. It would likely not get all the hate that Phantom Menace gets. If it did then people are jerks and should be lightsabered into some lava.

Draco watched the wonderful and heart-gripping premiere of possibly the grandest documentary of all time and a half. Almost Royal follows the adventures of two very noble nobles across America as they mourn the loss of their father and a sign. It’s a very moving and compelling tale. Normally Draco recommends humorous shows but do not fret loyal reader for there was pun to be had. Possibly more than seven. It’s really hard to know at this point.

Coming soon to a Dracoblag near you, one Draco will be exploring a strange new planet. Draco will report on this unusual area while there. You will find out all the hard-hitting information like “Air; is there any?” and “Dirt; is there any?”. So these posts will be one topic instead of the usual 2-3 and they may be more frequent. Maybe they’ll all be put on one section for your convenience eventually.Anyway hopefully all cats are kept unburnt.