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The journey was long and, well long. It was long. It took forever figuratively. It took so long Draco felt the need to use the word figuratively without using literally before it in some attempt to correct others. Draco just went for it because so much time was wasted that all the controversy around literally didn’t matter (Did it ever really?). The journey back was absolutely horrid. If Draco was not Draco Draco might have died. A vicious storm tore through all of space and time and made for a very bumpy ride. You may have noticed this storm throughout all of space and time because, well it happened everywhere since forever. Duh. On an unrelated note American Airlines sucks. They are awful. While Draco was totally in space Draco just felt the need to mention it. Draco definitely wasn’t actually flying on American and having the worst flight in the history of non-crashing flights. Draco was in space. Space just so happened to remind Draco that American Airlines is awful and they deserve Draco’s full attention and wrath. A flying iron boot of lawsuits should step on their windpipes. It’s not just the rude people at the boarding pass area or flight attendants screaming at Draco for opening his bag after finding out the flight would remain parked for another 30 minutes. It’s not the pilot saying people couldn’t reboard, the flight attendants letting them, and not giving Draco their better seats. It’s not that they overbooked Draco’s flight and let those who booked minutes before take the seats forcing Draco into a flight that was quickly cancelled forcing Draco to get on STANDBY for the original flight. It’s not the inappropriate Natalie Morales  commercial where she reeeeeeaaaaaaly loves her shower. It’s not the extremely old plane that looked like it was falling apart or that almost all of their charging stations did not function and their GoGo WiFi service was nonexistent. It’s not that they forgot to turn off the seat belt button and let people get up whenever they want.  It’s that the drinks had far too much ice. You couldn’t actually drink your drink. That’s what Draco is really mad about. The ice. If Draco wanted a tiny cup filled to the brim with ice Draco’d have asked for a tiny cup filled with ice. Maybe a cube or two but not a cup full.

Draco started animating a little spaceship scene and was gunna have it be the final [post in the little space adventure. Draco even made about 10 seconds of it already. For animators you’ll know that that is an amount of work. Not much but it is some. Draco is too jetlagged to actually do it right now. Maybe later. Anyway thanks for making last month not the worst month ever. It looked like that at first but then it shot up.

So anyway Draco barely wrote this post. Draco’s tired. Luckily Draco remembered that Draco wanted to complain  about how absolutely awful American Airlines is. You all need to know that American Airlines is dreadful. They are so lazy they played a message that said now that we’re comfortable while we were in the middle of a ridiculous lightning rainstorm which apparently also had tornadoes and more ups and downs than a roller coaster.  Stupid American Airlines.