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Ah the 4th of July. A day where Americans celebrate losing one of the World’s best accents by trying to murder the sky with fire. Truly a glorious day. Anyway fireworks are pretty and really that is all that matters to Draco right now. It’s basically the second New Years Eve.

So while shopping in Space Walmart Draco found Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood and Revelations in disc form. Draco is now happily playing the one that comes before the other one that starts with a b but now Draco realizes that it would have been faster to just type Brotherhood again than hint and explain this but it’s far to late now. Today in the Assassin-y adventures of Ezio Draco found a man steering a horse into a wall and Draco as Ezio kicked him repeatedly and stole his horse. It’s in a good home now. Also one of those “run away there are too many enemies” thins happened and once again Draco littered the streets with corpses casually walking away. Those moments are truly the best parts of any Assassin’s Creed games.

And finally the most interesting thing you will ever read. You see Draco has found out that–

“Sir there is fire raining from the sky!!!! We’re all doomed”

Get ahold of yourself Nameless Guard! Explain!


“See Sir! Explosions”

That was a sound you idiot! The proper question would be did you hear that Sir?

“That’s all well and good but we’re under attack.”


Ok You go deal with that, Nameless Guard, and Draco will tell the nice audience the amazing thing.

“Sir we need you. You’re the only one here right now with a name! Everyone else has the day off!”

Alright… Draco and Nameless Guard exit Draco’s super cool blogging room to see Draco’s stupid neighbors setting off fireworks way to close to Draco’s home.

Oh wow sorry about that readers. Those neighbors sure are stupid. Like they are stupid. Really stupid. Draco hates them. They are stupid. But wow Draco can’t seem to remember that amazing thing. You can blame the stupid neighbors for that. You can blame them because they are stupid.