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So the other day Draco’s Mom was looking at Bleach stuff and she called the character Kon by the name Conan. It’s an easy mistake really and it gave Draco the desire to make this.

Konan O'Brien

How great is that? It’s Konan O’Brien. Great Ideas can come from anywhere. Even your mom. Draco love you mom.

Draco saw a variety of great movies lately. Draco believes the number is 5. All of them were good. One that people seem to not think was very good was the newest Transformers. Draco doesn’t get that. Giant robots fighting each other is what was advertised and that is what Draco got. Plus most of the people people were at least better than the others. No one wore a bag on their head and it was all action-y. That’s perfect for that genre. Another movie Draco saw was Red 2. This one is basically the same idea but replace giant robots with old people. It was good but honestly there were problems of just random explosions happening from nothing and there was a bit of cheese. That was sad but still good. Next was How To Train Your Dragon 2. That was just great. It made Draco emotional on occasion and it looked great. It was in 3D but that was pointless and it didn’t look 3D. What it looked like was fantastic. A truly adorable really cool movie. Next is Iron Man 3. Really Draco wasn’t that big a fan of Iron Man 2. They could have had him in a super high tech cardboard box and it would have been good. Much better than the last. Really anything could have been better than the last. The last was lame. Finally and probably the best out of the lot was Winter’s Tale. It was just so sweet. Draco did a quick check to see what others thought and apparently others don’t have a soul. It’s the only thing that made Draco’s nearly deadly planeride which of course never happened because Draco was actually in a space ship bearable. Draco’s heart was all broken and warmed and happy and adjectives and synonyms of those adjective and using the word and till it kicks grammar in the face. Draco wants a magic horse to lead Draco to that girl from Downton Abbey(Draco thinks that the actress in the movie was the one for Sybil (actor* apparently actress is no longer used) or really any nice girl and then we go on an adventure while fighting a demon who has a nice Irish accent.

Draco was scrolling though the ole’ Facebook the other day when Draco read ” In 10 years some of us could be married” some other thing, ” and some of us could be dead. That scares me.” That had to be about the 19th time Draco had read that. Perhaps in 10 years people will stop posting the same quotes over and over again. Perhaps those people that’ll be dead in 10 years are the idiots who have nothing better to do then copy and paste this nonsense. Cause of death was dehydration because they were far too busy repeatedly posting and drooling on their keyboards to get a glass of water. What scares Draco is how single-minded and two-dimensional these people are. If you gave ants computers they’d be posting the same junk and ants are working on a hive mind. Anyway all and all and to sum this up in one big bow is Draco hates these posts and if you post stuff like this you should get your ear flicked and have a pebble in your shoe for the rest of your year or till you stop. Be thankful Draco is merciful.