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So This new show Extant asks the question of if you made the perfect child would it be human. Draco just had to answer this question by saying yes. It’s very possible to be perfect in every way AND be human. That’s called being Draco. Anyway from what Draco’s seen the show looks silly and it seems like they’ll just bank on starpower to make up for meh showness.

Draco was reading one of the few magazines Draco still gets and they had a contest. It was something like draw up some food ingredient you can make it look like whatever you want as long as it’s edible and you win something or other. What Draco would like to do is draw a table and call it the edible table of somenonsensewordhere. Even if they don’t accept the word edible tacked on well technically you can eat a table. It’s just really horrible and would take ages. Most things are edible.

Draco was reading featured posts and honestly they just aren’t that great. Sure some of them are good but the amount is negligible. It’s annoying. One was saying that all of your accomplishments are dumb luck and the rest were generally about their own sad lives. People eat that up for some reason. Luckily readers of Dracoblag have refined pallets and aren’t stupid sheeple.

Wake Up Sheeple

Thank you xkcd, Draco hearts you.