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Draco started playing the sims again. Made it work by uninstalling a bunch of stuff. So the last of the sims 3 is about the future and it has robots which is cool but the robot building career is just absolutely creepy. So these robots function as actual sims with friends and lives of their own. Then you go to the store and you sell them. You sell them. A creature basically as sentient as all the other sims is sellable. Basically it has you sell your children into slavery. The only other way to do it is to kill them or make them move but really both are death sentences because none of the other houses have charging pads so after they break all the electronics they will pretty much die and killing them makes them die. Draco is alright with slaughtering thousands of innocent guards in Assassin’s Creed and radiating the entire planet in Civilization V but selling people is apparently where Draco draws the line in games. On that note, trips cost money in the sims so you can’t bring many people without much money but if you kill them all first and carry them in your luggage then resurrect them it is cheaper. They do not charge you per urn. Draco did that for almost all of Sims University. 😮

So Draco finished Assassin’s Creed Brotherhood and while 90% was wonderful it ended with a sour apple. Literally a sour apple. There was an apple that ruined it. So anyway in Assassin’s Creed they have these Apples of Eden which are super cool magical orbs that let you control people’s minds and such. Usually it’s great to have them but in Brotherhood it’s like “ugh just let me throw this thing in the stupid river. The smart river is too good for it.”. This time most likely to add difficulty they added a charging meter and it slowly kills you. It’s the equivalent to Return of the Jedi ending with Luke turning his lightsaber on and it stabbing him in the face repeatedly and joining the dark side as Darth Saber. On that note Darth Saber sounds cool and you would think it would’ve been used to death. So back to the bad apple you can do nothing but run with this stupid apple in your hand and if you want to kill the army the force you to kill using it you have to bring yourself to near death, hide, repeat 30 or 40 times. Luckily the brotherhood part of brotherhood can occasionally help but after raising them for so long you feel a bit cautious about throwing your hardworking pupils to their possible deaths while you just stand there like an idiot with an apple in your hand.