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Draco’s been trying to read these feature posts and comment nicely but really most are severely disgusting. These posts are either blatantly wrong or the most complex flowery language to describe almost nothing leading to what a bull makes as a metaphor. Then the comments are just “ooh it so wonderful”. It angers Draco to a point. It reminds Draco of first joining Facebook and feeling a need to comment how people looked even if they looked meh. The most annoying blogpost was one that jumped on the hate Michael Bay Bandwagon by claiming one samurai transformer’s golden face mask face was yellow and that that was racist. Well check out this cool kickstarter project.

So according to this featured blog’s logic Joel Toussaint is a racist but according to actual cool people with eyes they aren’t. They just have this really cool wearable samurai armor project. Golden face masks are cool and more people should wear them while not being considered racist. In fact masks in general should be worn. Masks are cool. Masks are fashionable. Masks are #1.

So Draco was watching videos and one gave Draco the idea to do a Geodude picture. It’s a Pokemon if your’e not aware. Draco has done many things for Dracoblag with lots of cool words and then one tiny picture gets almost 10 times the likes an average post here gets. It just goes to show that people are confusing and like Pokemon. On that note Draco would like to ask Nintendo to just make Johto Pokemon more available. Specifically Cyndaquil. Cyndaquil is Draco’s favorite. For some reason all the other generations of Pokemon are more common.That is sad because Johto was the best. Johto games actually let you go back to the older game’s area Kanto and basically play an entire additional game. That’s value and that’s what Nintendo should work towards.