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So Draco has realized that two things on Dracoblag are popular. Cute Pictures and Complaining About Racism. Draco did that in all caps because it sounds like a possible title and Draco can do whatever Draco likes with anY of the LEtters Dracoooooo WaNts tooo. Sentences like that are some of Draco’s favorites. Now because pictures are popular and no one has been racist to Draco’s knowledge here, friends, is a picture of a blue cat samurai. It’s blue, Draco’s favorite color, a cat, which the internet loves, and a samurai, which is cool. Also it is wearing the scarf Draco stupidly bought from the Space Station Draco stopped at before going all the way to whatever that new planet in space was. Totally not an airport in Chicago at all.

Samurai Cat

So Draco listed a favorite color making this explanatory, Draco did the usual stuff so it gets the default category, and space was mentioned allowing the space category to be used. All three categories. This is the miracle post. Alert the Vatican because Draco is on the way to Sainthood.

So on a note completely unrelated to airports Draco was never at and places Draco was never actually at, Draco was recently in Chicago so Draco can comment on Watch_Dogs. So people complained that they lowered the graphics quality and made Chicago look grey in game. Draco was in Chicago for probably 6 hours over several days. The only thing bad about the graphics in Watch_Dogs is they are far to colorful and realistic. From Draco’s time there Draco saw a flat grey city or no color at all. Admittedly there were 8 tornadoes on the way for one part but the other times it was still grey. Ubisoft did great. They made things pretty. A better complaint about the depiction of game cities would be with Infamous Second Son. They did Seattle but they did it better. Seattle is full of terrible hills; it is basically on a slant. There are hills everywhere and it is so annoying. If Draco could use magic Draco would just go around making cities like Seattle level like they did. Sure there might be environmental calamities and mass property damage but at least it would be easier to walk. Anyway it is not at all like real Seattle. You never hear that complaint but it’s the truth.