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Today Draco looked at the Top Ten Whodunnits of probably this year or something as according to Xfinity.  Now Draco was slightly perplexed they didn’t include the show Whodunnit and instead included Royal Pains which is not even slightly a Whodunnit. Maybe a Whatdunnit if you’re feeling it but really it shouldn’t be in that category. The real problem was that it’s a top ten. There were 11 shows listed. Murder in the First, Graceland, Royal Pains, Major Crimes, Longmire, Unforgettable, Perception, Rizzoli & Isles, Rookie Blue, Gang Related, and Rush. 11 shows in a top ten countdown? They apparently need help counting. And what is Gang Related? Has anyone ever heard of this show? Would it count as a Whodunnit? The Gang obviously did it. Next year’s big mystery will probably be “Johnny is the Murderer”. Draco apologizes if your name is Johnny; it was just an example.If you are a murderer though then you really can’t complain. Well actually you can because Draco doesn’t want you upset. Feel free to complain and not be mean to Draco.

So Draco was trying out Mass Effect 3 and punching all the evil when Defiance the game started popping into Draco’s head. Then other Sci-fi games came to mind. For some reason one punch is always enough to take out the lower ranking enemies but in real life punching someone does not instantly kill them.  What exactly happens in all possible futures that gives that average human death punches? In a few years will everyone have to stop punching each other because it’s now the equivalent to a bullet to the head? Why do magic Sci-fi armors not stop punches like regular ancient armor? Why was Defiance such a bad game but a good show? Was that off-topic? Can Draco think of more questions? Have you stopped reading the questions at this point?  Why would Morgan Freeman agree to be on Lucy when it’s so blatantly stupid and muddied in fiction.