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So Draco was doing Watch_Dogs and maniacally laughing while controlling all the bridges and lights. At a certain point Draco told the poor ai citizens to kneel before the might of Draco. It was at that point Draco was glad that Draco does not have unlimited control and ultimate power. Admittedly in real life Draco would be nicer but still Draco doesn’t really want the option. Sure Draco brings the virtual Chicago much justice but the price is too high. It’s like how the ctos security system in the game does help people but really it does have its disadvantages.  The ctos has more disadvantages then Draco though and is an incredibly stupid idea that no one should ever do. If a politician ever tries anything remotely like ctos you have the right under the Good Samaritan Act to punch them directly in their mailbox. A letter is a paper thing in an envelope with words on it that they guy who brings Amazon deliveries picks up and sends to people though magic wormholes over the course of three weeks or so. Just an fyi in case you don’t know.

So Draco was arguing with a person and eventually they got tired of being blatantly wrong and tweeted that people who say the things that Draco was saying( which were correct by the way) were all meathead jocks. They were saying that if one employee is sexist that the entire company is sexist and were harassing someone who disagreed. Now Draco isn’t sure how disagreeing with a person bullying people on twitter and explaining what constitutes sexism and what doesn’t constitute sexism is even slightly sporty but Draco is going to take part of it as a compliment. The Meathead Jock in all it’s glory is not only a talented athlete but also popular and good looking. So really they were saying that everyone who says the things Draco says are athletic. everyone likes them. and are very good looking. Now the stupid part implied with meathead is fine because Draco is secure in Draco’s intellect and the golden summa cum laude cords that Draco has in some box somewhere help tie down Draco’s unsinkable ego. The true stupid part is that this person was making a generalization and profiling people based on little to no evidence. The moral to this story is “If you’re going to complain about an argument, please only complain about what you actually know. If they said hurtful things you can say ‘wow, this person said hurtful things to me’ but do not say ‘wow this person said many hurtful things and totally hates babies and puppies and stole your wallet’ unless you want to look like a real… butt.