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They say the best revenge is living well. Draco always found that silly. The best revenge is revenge or Revenge on ABC. For examples of revenge watch Revenge. Recently Draco went on Facebook and learned something important about the first phrase mentioned earlier. You remember the one, about living well. Well it turns out you don’t have to actually live well. All you have to do is exist and apparently the person will just spiral down into a sad little of hole of terribleness. So next time you want revenge, just go make a sandwich and watch Revenge on ABC! You’re welcome for the free advertising ABC.

Draco wants to write many things and also read many things while simultaneously doing math to practice for future math and play a game in video format. Basically Draco has too much stuff for this flimsy summer. The worst part is that not much is actually happening so Draco struggles to tell you, the reader, about things. There is a point in time when one has quite the full schedule yet far too much free time. So that’s annoying. Then when you add the fact that Draco really likes tumblr’s little graph thing you have a mess. A mess worthy of complaining about. Therefore this paragraph.