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Funniest Wins on TBS is so hilarious. Like the parts where they tell jokes. Like the hilarious decapitation joke in the commercial! Or the contestants standing stiffly on a stage murbling obscenities. In one case a person just started using an accent and talking to them selves. That was so hilarious.

*Nameless Guard burst though the door, sweat pouring from their mouth as they huffed and puffed the calories away* “Sir!… It’s me… Nameless Guard… You’re using… hilarious wrong… you mean… really stupid and not funny… Sir.”

Really? Oh goodness. Now everyone’s going to have the wrong idea. Draco would hate to let anyone think that show has any value or humor whatsoever. That’s why you should only use words which you are absolutely crystal on the definition.  Anyway the show is really really really really sad. A positive note is that whoever is heavily invested in the laugh track industry is making a killing and Draco+Dracoblag+the Great Nation of Draconia is very happy for you.

So Draco has a certain civic service  where you sit on something and decide things to do. Draco won’t say what in case that’s not allowed or something but we will just refer to it as Snorfulling. Draco was reading the rules of Snorfulling and they said no wasting the Snorful’s time. They also want you to check the Snorful’s website to see if you’ve been called to snorful. The Snorful website has not been updated since last Thursday… They have been heavily wasting everyone’s time. So good job Snorful people. You should not snorful Draco for what you do. Hypocrats is probably your political party.

*Nameless Guard was getting board. It had been at least ten minutes since Nameless Guard had alerted Lord Draco of the word misuse and still no dismissal. Was this truly the end?”