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So Draco saw this Guardians of the Galaxy movie today. Let Draco tell you they sure did guard the Galaxy. They did that very well. They also did a good job being a movie. Primarily Rocket Raccoon (talking mercenary raccoon who enjoys shooting things and sassing people)  dancing with tropes and being awesome and adorable simultaneously and Groot(The cutest tree you ever did meet unless he branched you in the face in which case he is less cute) being worthy of his own genre of movies all staring Groot. Titanic with Groot maybe? Groot Scarface? Groot Avatar? That would be good. On a non Groot note Chris Pratt continues to be good in all his roles which are all eerily similar. Lucky for him they’re all fantastically done and work well in the story.

So while at the theater to see the aforementioned movie a little preshow commercial says “We take pride in our clean theaters. Please clean up before you leave.” but in all the years of going there this theater has never been clean. The nice thing was that some seats were not covered in gum. Now every row has gum covered seats and that isn’t ok. It’s been years since some of the gum was placed there. Someone for God’s sake clean the seats. Hypocritical little censored words. When a Drive In is cleaner than and indoor theater you have a problem.