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Continuity is important. In what you ask? Well in everything of course. So Draco has been talking about Watch_dogs a lot and up until now it was smooth sailing.  Sadly Draco’s intellect broke the game and some cinematics. The first was a mission to defend a person from some 2nd amendment fans who were all coming in fans from two directions. Draco is sadly smart and set up explosives on both routes killing all enemies instantly. Draco celebrated and then something that did not follow the laws of continuity happened. All the dead people just appeared where they likely would have ran to and were now alive. Same thing happens when evil gang leader tries to run after a cutscene. Not only should the explosive killed him when he entered during the cutscene, another should have got him as he ran away to give a speech for seven hours or so. After his seven hour speech he sends people and they easily die but then he runs in and Draco uses the grenade launcher on his face. It’s a direct hit but for some reason they play a cutscene of him walking away with bullet holes using a gun as a crutch before slumping over. If you had an explosive object explode directly on your face do you think you’d walk away? The answer for most people is no. So Draco is so smart it broke the game. Draco is also so good looking it is beyond belief and is very modest. You’d never see Draco bragging about it.

So Draco keeps seeing this commercial for Need For Speed and the dialog is so cool. It’s just some guy giving a really dramatic speech with epic music in the background. It’s a great speech and the music is wonderful but it’s Need for Speed… It’s about people in cars doing car things.  Why can’t they just be honest and say “Zoom zoom crash crash people drive ‘splosion turning quickly rolling  epic jumps slow motion”? Or has everyone  lied to Draco and it’s actually a really good movie with a plot. Is everything in this world a lie? They say everyone is connected to Kevin Bacon but does he even exist? Are wheels really round or are the actually ovals? Maybe they are actually a many sided geometric shape? On that note the square does fit in the circle hole if fired from some form of artillery. While it is important to recognize that the square should not fit in the circle that doesn’t mean we must stop trying. Strive for the impossible and if all else fails grab a sledge hammer and change the workings of the universe with your own hand/s. Do not fear for we work as one. All who defy us shall be ashamed and disgraced. Those who wage war against us shall perish. Draco gives you strength and guidance; now we will triumph. Nee non et socii, et victoria Draco! Did you know Latin is really cool sounding? It is.