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Draco needs a muse. The lack of anything interesting lately has gotten to a point where drafts are going unused. It’s taken Draco several minutes to write these sentences. These sentences. Figuratively from this point. That is maybe 20 words. This clearly means Draco needs a beautiful intelligent and vexing girl to sit in proximity to Draco while Draco stares blankly at a computer screen and ignores her. The mere thought has given Draco a brilliant idea. “Paint! Is it Really Painting Anything?”. Ok ok hold back your impressed shouts of admiration; Draco already knows it’s a fantastic idea. Draco needs to get on another topic because this will just be a massive undertaking which could span several decade’s worth of pages.

So Draco had to buy a new AC adapter today. That is what Draco did today. Buy an AC Adapter. That is what Draco did for fun. At least they didn’t try and card Draco or say card invalid even though the card was totally valid and worked thirty seconds later  like they did the bananas and other items from that one story Draco never told you. On the original note Draco could really use that muse. we’re running on empty here. Draco loves that song…