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The great thing about humans is no matter where you are from, whether you’re a boy, girl or something in-between, whether your skin is a different color, if you speak a different language, if you’re young or old, tall or short, attractive or unattractive, a tax payer or a bank robber, one thing remains the same. A person no matter the person can be so unintelligent beyond belief that everyone around you feels a little bit sick. Recently Draco found a blog that is so unbelievably idiotic Draco hopes it’s just the user’s inability to speak proper English and not their actual opinion. This person actually thought that the blonde hair color was invented in anime and everyone from the west is just copying the concept of blonde hair to look Asian. Draco will now give anyone with actual blonde hair a minute to be bothered. Take this minute and hold it in your scalp. Cherish its lofty embrace. Ok now that you’re done with that, let’s think about Hitler. It’s WWII and we pan into a living room with Hitler sitting on a couch watching anime.  He sees a cute blonde anime girl  and he just exclaimed “That is so kawaii! Assistant we must now go do one of the most horrible and inhuman acts in all of human history!”… Credit to Draco’s bro for that. Draco was talking this out with him last night and that’s what he thought of in a slightly paraphrased manner. Anyway if you think that your countries animation invented  any part of the human genome you are an idiot beyond the level of normal pathetic idiot. Draco really wishes that it was just a language thing and that this anti-western imbecile meant blonde hair is really nice and anime is also nice and– honestly you can’t make it work. This person is undeniably and unacceptably racist and it’s sad that they exist. Admittedly the stupid part isn’t racist; it’s the part where they call all westerners unattractive and insane. Plus they had pictures similar to those used as Nazi propaganda so they should go to hell. Blonde hair was invented by your higher deity of choice or by primordial ooze (whichever you prefer really). Tell your friends. Also tell them that Disney did not invent mice and King did not invent candy, crushing, or sagas. In fact they just reskinned bejeweled so ya they invented nothing. It seems they might not know if this person is any representative of the norm. Also bejeweled was stupid to begin with. Pong was better. Pong forever. The moral of this story is people may say things like “you westerners are racist” or blah blah is blah but no matter the group there is good people and there are terrible worthless pieces of human waste who should not get access to the internet.

On the note of invention, have you ever noticed many people say “it’s the best thing since sliced bread” but that phrase is always the phrase. It never becomes “it’s the best thing since robot vacuum cleaners” now does it? Clearly nothing has actually been the best thing since sliced bread or we would be saying it. Sliced bread is still on top and we should still gaze at it in wonder(bread)ment. when your product gets an old saying about it you can say that but until then sliced bread is numero uno.