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Today Draco found out about the Disappearance of Yuki Nagato anime coming in 2015 and Draco responded with


So Draco was pretty happy. This did however raise some questions in Draco’s mind. Why did Draco say e for so long? How does that convey happiness? Is there a sad letter? If Draco said u a lot would that convey disappointment? Draco knows o is for oooooooooooh they’re in trouble or oooooooooooh the incumbent is having an affair with that one really popular musician. After thinking about it u would be confusion. Maybe i? Draco doesn’t know.

Draco couldn’t sleep last night so Draco tried watching a show called Fairy Tale. Why would Draco watch a show with such a silly name you ask? 

Plue the Carrot Nosed Dog. Plue is one of Draco’s all time favorite characters and likely the reason for Draco’s love of soda. Anyway none of that is the point. So Draco is lying awake in the dark and turns on an episode. Immediately Draco receives a strange message. It was something like “Hey! Make sure you turn the lights on and don’t sit to close to the screen while watching! It’s bad for your eyes!” and Draco was terrified. How did they know Draco was sitting in the dark with a mobile screen 2 inches from his face? Anyway the moral of this story is always remember to put a piece of tape on any and all cameras in your room. Big Brother is always watching.