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Draco was on twitter and saw some good cosplay. The thing with the costumes that aren’t on Halloween if you don’t know what that is *cough* Google Chrome Spellchecker *cough*. Anyway Draco started following that person (which sounds creepy without the Twitter context) and they said they were going to see Beverly Hills Chihuahuas 4. Four. The Four installment. Draco remembers a straight to DVD/Bluray sequel but 4? They made a 3 after that? The first one was sorta cute but they did that many? When did all this happen? Did you hear about  any of these sequels reader? Did you keep it a secret from Draco? How dare you, reader Draco has never met. How dare yoooooouuuuuu (Don’t actually feel bad please).

So Draco was planning on finally fixing some mistakes in Draco’s stories so they could actually be shown to people. Naturally Draco ignored all of that and finished Watch_Dogs instead. Draco loved the ending. Well except for Jordi stuff.  The non-specific events there were less than great. All in all Draco has one thing to say about it. CBS, if you want to compete and blow NBC’s Scorpion out of the water and have a show that could last maybe 8 or 9 seasons acquire the rights to Watch_Dogs or collaborate with Ubisoft. Watch_Dogs is exactly your style and the name alone will bring in people. It would be great for you. On a side note ABC you could get it too but honestly you have Agents of Shield and that feels like it fills the slot. You could get it and just lock everyone out but honestly we’re trying to be fair here so don’t be offended by this being targeted at CBS. On a side side note Why does Draco imagine anyone from either would ever read any of this? Maybe FOX will see this but the Big Three not a chance. FOX has been great though lately so woo! Rolling the Tv dice.