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Yesterday Draco heard some pretty surprising things. Laws of the universe previously undiscovered by any other societal member.

Football claims to have found a fifth quarter. This is ground breaking science. Football broke every bit of math into pieces. Amazing! Truly Amazing.They’ve found a way to somehow generate a fifth segment from four pieces while somehow keeping it four equal pieces.  That’s the type of technology that can only be made by having a very large person smash their body into another very large person.

Women are firefighters according to a female firefighter. If you’re female you’d better start fighting fires. If you aren’t cooling the flames you are not doing your job. Draco can’t be sure how having two x chromosomes automatically places one into a firefighting role but that’s the magic of science now isn’t it.

Draco was reading other blogs and one post was about 6 game characters who are not well educated. Draco read it and it was very surprising.  They did not mention a single character. Not even one. They just listed 6 groups. One group was the guards from Assassin’s Creed. Now they may not be the brightest but they are all individual characters. Each is irreplaceable. A precious little snowflake each with their own problems and lives.

Probably just the wind

Having an education does not necessarily mean one is observant or even intelligent.

Another group was every character ever. From these findings Draco can conclude that the only one in need of an education was the one who thought every character was one character. If that were true then you could not have a list of six because there is only one character.