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Draco saw that Get Away With Murder’s commercial again and this time Draco noticed something that makes the entire concept even more stupid than originally thought. Apparently the students in this class who want to get away with murder were assigned to this class. Now anyone who has been to college has to wonder how does that even work? Why were these people forced to take this class? That isn’t how colleges work. If they committed crimes a court isn’t going to say go take a criminology class. The only class Draco has seen forced on someone is a parenting class and even then they didn’t really have to take the class they just wanted to parent well or just not have child protective services repo their kid. But back on the topic what was the conversation like with this decision maker and the student? “Because you were found guilty of murder we hereby sentence you to take murder class so it never happens again.” Honestly this show is so stupid and the sad part is it’ll probably do well.

Draco saw another commercial (Yes absolutely nothing has happened( it took Draco a week to write a semi-publishable post)) for a comedy called “black*ish”. It’s pretty clear from the commercial that this will be a very high brow show that doesn’t rely 100% on racial comedy.While the commercial may seem at times like they plan on ripping off basically every previous family comedy and abusing the average African American stereotype at every single turn, it will actually — ah Draco can’t do it. Draco was going to pretend like it wasn’t going to do exactly that and undermine the human race but it definitely will. You can see the blatant generalizations they are going to make pretty well. It would have been nice if instead of this the show had said yes they are black but they are also people with three dimensional problems and three dimensional lives but cardboard cutouts are probably cheaper. Draco looked up some info on the show and found out it is also on ABC along with How to Get Away with Murder. It seemed every bad show was going to be on ABC. They also apparently have a show called “Selfie”… In the future people will laugh at this generation for things like this. It’ll be the disco of the era except disco was cool*ish.