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It’s a difficult time right now. There are times when moving forward seems impossible and everything is hopeless. Sadly for hopeless, not moving forward isn’t an option. There is too much invested and too many lives lost. Draco shall not surrender. The enemy seems relentless but using all the will Draco has left Draco shall defeat them. Draco shall win this Facebook Poke War. That Draco swears to you, the reader. Even if Draco’s fingers are turned to dust( If Draco’s fingers are turned to dust in reality Draco would probably give up. Honestly why would you want to hold Draco to any of this? Weirdo. Draco ain’t actually making any promises. This is over-dramatized nonsense so don’t take it at face value.) Draco would keep on poking. Draco is like Commander Shepard waking up in London in a pile of ruble, getting up to use the real Crucible with the one option of actually working with no drawbacks to actually satisfy fans. Draco shall free the galaxy from the cycle of poking by poking the other person so much they stop. Hoorah!

Draco saw Dolphin Tale 2. It had dolphins what more could you want from a movie? Turtles? Well guess what, there was a turtle; your abnormally high standards have been met. Hopefully real life continues to happen so they can continue to base movies off it. Great job real life for making this movie the first time and good job Dolphin Tale 2 on being great too.

On a side note Draco used all of the to/too/two aka 2 forms in one paragraph. Parades are inbound.