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So Draco has returned to a life of college-ing. It’s sad because 11 AM is no longer early in the morning. Hopefully someday 11 AM will return to being early in the morning but as of now there are roosters and whatever else is associated with early morning. Worms for instance. Speaking of worms Draco is doing calculus. It seemed hard at first but then Draco realized that Draco was doing next weeks work and that Draco in the past wouldn’t know how to do it. It’s funny when you don’t know how to do math because you’ve never done it before but what ya gunna do? Crying about it may be an option. In fact crying about it is an option in most cases. Making a sandwich? cry about it. Walking on the sidewalk? Cry about it. Crying too much? Cry about it. Unable to cry about it? Cry about it.

Draco heard this sky diving instructor say that sky diving wasn’t actually about jumping out of planes. Never would have guessed that one. Apparently skydiving, also known as a sport where one parachutes out of a plane is not actually about any of that at all. It’s probably bout water polo or some other water related activity. You hear skydiving and you know then and there that it is about water polo. Honestly how Draco didn’t see it before is baffling.