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Taking a leap of faith can be useful. “You really like this shower curtain with the dolphin on it? Well you’ll probably love this dolphin shaped soap dispenser”. That’s an ok jump right there. The hypothetical person seems to like bathroom items and dolphins so recommending a dolphin themed bathroom item is  perfectly reasonable. Today Draco read a not reasonable leap. This person was told they appear to have lost weight and were offended and said that it was just as offensive as if the person said oh you look very white today. That is a ridiculous jump more akin to “oh your name is Kevin; you must really like potatoes in a really demented and obsessive way”. The person admittedly wondered if they had gone a little (they went way too far) to far but still they were fine with it and it was even featured. That teaches anyone who wants to be featured that all they have to do is make ridiculous jumps. “Oh you wear buttons, you must love child labor then”. That’s a ridiculous claim, now watch the sheep flock in. Feel as an army of misguided fool starts tearing the button industry apart. It’ll be glorious and also really depressing and will hopefully never happen. Hopefully the misguided fools read to the end and didn’t just storm off at the quote. Imagine if they did just storm off. That would be bad.

Bitstrips Murder

Bitstrips is a really cheap comic thingy which can sometimes be cute. They all have these backgrounds which you can pick from and this is a recent one. This was supposed to be a joke about being lazy but look in the red rectangle Draco made for you. What does that look like you ask? a hand.

At the precipice of death I reached out; an empty attempt to stave off the jackals. While I have failed at least I made it into a comic poking fun at fast food eaters. That hath made this quest, and my life worth it.

It looks like someone is getting their last breath in while your character considers forgoing a healthier option. Honestly what the heck is this? Draco means there is distinct fingers. Someone actually had to intentionally do that. Weirdos.